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Tsunami – M156X

Tsunami M268XR – powerful and high-tech “firstborn” of the brand


Tsunami M156Xwas the first model of robotic vacuum cleaner, released this promising producer from Japan. The company was faced with a very difficult task, because they had to make their new product truly innovative, to Express themselves in a saturated market. In this case it should be made available to buyers around the world to ensure maximum coverage. The plan failed, and Tsunami M156X was warmly welcomed by the buyers and experts, moreover, it is popular to this day (despite the emergence of newest models).
Technology is truly versatile, it combines the functions of a dry and wet cleaning. The first provided a powerful suction system and auxiliary side brushes and the second special nozzles supplied in the kit. One of the key benefits of the Tsunami M156X can be called built-in computer, it helps the robot make “intelligent” cleaning of the self-build route. This option became possible, thanks to the navigation system, which creates a map of the premises during the operation of the device. Thus, the vacuum cleaner moves via the most optimal route, carefully avoiding any obstacles (in this he was assisted by optical sensors).

A great opportunity for cleaning with a minimum of trouble for you


In addition, Tsunami M156X provides opportunities for control, which is available both in manual and in automatic mode. The user can easily change the types of cleaning – with the usual careful and Vice versa. Also available in a number of programming functions of the robot cleaner, it will automatically start operation at a specific time or day of the week, separately you can calculate the duration of cleaning. All this equipment helping decent specifications. For example, the model is capable of speeds of up to 12 meters per minute, and the battery (4000 mAh) provides up to 2 hours continuous battery life (after which the robot independently will be a charge).
Another advantage of the Tsunami M156X is the option of thin clearing of air, performed with the innovative filter. He also has a special sterilizer, destroying bacteria with ultraviolet light. The vacuum cleaner works almost silently, because the level of sound created by them doesn’t exceed 55 DB. All these advantages are complemented by a stylish design and compact dimensions of the equipment, its width is 34 cm and a height of 8.9 cm with this Tsunami M156X will be virtually unnoticeable, but very effective and hardworking cleaner in your home or office.


Calculation of cleaning time:
Programming by days of the week:
Motion Modes:
spiraling, zigzagging across the walls
Maximum speed:
12 m/min
Cleaning area:
90 sq.m.
Installation on the charger:
Charging time:
90 min.
Side brush:
2 pcs.
yes, with illumination
Remote control:
dry, wet
Dust Collector:
a cyclone filter (container),
with a capacity of 0.6 liters.
Power Controller:
Fine filter:
Noise level:
45 dB
Dimensions (WxDxH):
34х34х7,7 cm
The weight:
2,8 kg.
Extras. information:
a navigation system that creates
a map of the room.
Nozzles for wet cleaning and remote control.

High quality of cleaning

Built-in “smart” computer

Minimum required components

Cleans hard-to-reach places

Low noise level