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Tsunami – L407VXL

Tsunami L407VXL – the flagship brand in the collection


This robot vacuum cleaner went on sale recently, so its design took into account the experience of previous Tsunami models. Improvement undergone almost all the main characteristics of this technique, ranging from speed, battery life and finishing the design. The product has a very modern, literally cosmic in appearance with lots of detail, perfectly matching with each other. While it has very compact dimensions, for example, its height is 8.9 cm and a width of 34 inches. Such miniature size makes the vacuum cleaner easy to reach inaccessible places and carry out a thorough cleaning.
Tsunami L407VXL boasts an extensive feature set that includes both dry and wet cleaning. Included with the device are special nozzles that help him not only sucking the dust but also very efficiently MOP the floors. With it, you will be able to quickly and easily clean both hard floors and soft carpet, and two side brush significantly increase the cleaning efficiency. Advanced navigation system vSLAM allows the robot cleaner to move very quickly in space, reaching speeds of 18 meters per minute. The user can ask different types of motion: zigzag, spiral, along the walls, and choose a suitable speed for standard or extra cleaning.


What else does Tsunami L407VXL so popular?


A vacuum cleaner equipped with a powerful battery capacity of 2200 mAh, thanks to which it can work offline for 180 minutes. Time of full charging – 90 min.;
The model performs antibacterial functions through the UV sterilizer, it is also equipped with a cyclone with fine filter (cleans the air of dust and other small particles);
Tsunami L407VXL has a built-in optical sensors, with their help, he is well-versed in the room, quickly is a better route and avoids collisions with any obstacles. And a rubber lining on the body will not allow him to leave scratches on furniture or other objects;
Robot vacuum cleaner features advanced control system – the present built-in computer. It enables both manual (via touch screen display on the case or remote) and automatic operation. You can easily program the equipment for cleaning according to the schedule at a certain time.
The equipment is not only high power and performance, but also low noise level (55 DB). Thus, his work will in no way harm you or your loved ones.


Calculation of cleaning time:
Programming by days of the week:
Motion Modes:
spiraling, zigzagging across the walls
Maximum speed:
18 m/min
Cleaning area:
200 sq.m.
Installation on the charger:
Charging time:
90 min.
Side brush:
2 pcs.
yes, with illumination
Remote control:
dry, wet
Dust Collector:
a cyclone filter (container),
with a capacity of 0.6 liters.
Power Controller:
Fine filter:
Noise level:
45 dB
Dimensions (WxDxH):
34х34х7.7 cm
The weight:
2,8 kg.
Extras. information:
a navigation system that creates
a map of the room.
Nozzles for wet cleaning and remote control.

High quality of cleaning

Built-in “smart” computer

Minimum required components

Cleans hard-to-reach places

Low noise level