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What are the advantages of Japanese vacuum cleaners? Tsunami?

 To date, the greatest success among buyers are three models of robotic vacuum cleaners of this brand, each of them has a number of its advantages. However, they also have many common characteristics, including:


  • Versatility. Technique Tsunami perfectly cope with cleaning a wide variety of floor coverings – both solid (linoleum, laminate, parquet, tile) and soft (carpet, etc.). Vacuum cleaners are able to perform not only dry, but also wet cleaning, which makes them truly multifunctional;
  • Performance. Technique is characterized by its compact dimensions, allowing it to easily penetrate into distant places. It also has a powerful suction system and additional tools (side brushes, nozzles for wet cleaning). Products are equipped with capacious batteries, providing up to 180 minutes of battery life, and the built-in engine allows them to develop speeds up to 18 meters per minute;
  • High-tech. An important feature of these robotic vacuum cleaners is the advanced navigation system, which was developed and patented by the Tsunami brand. It helps them to make the route as accurately as possible (using the visual reference function vSLAM) and carefully clean all areas along the way, avoiding even the slightest obstacles;
  • Convenient operation. On the body of the device there is a module of touch control, it is also possible to set tasks and monitor their performance using the remote control. Various automatic and manual modes are available, there is a separate scheduler that allows you to specify a specific cleaning schedule by the hour or by the days of the week.

Tsunami products can rightfully be called a real breakthrough in the market of robotic household appliances. It combines many advantages and at the same time has a very attractive price, available for a wide audience of buyers.

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High quality of cleaning

Built-in “smart” computer

Minimum required components

Cleans hard-to-reach places

Low noise level